About Prairie BarnTM Soaps
Who is Prairie Barn?

Prairie Barn natural soap business rooted back to our family farm which is located along the Elkhorn River in
Nebraska.   Our parents raised ten children growing a large vegetable/herb garden, raising animals, canning fruits
and vegetables, sewing our own clothes, baking, and making laundry soap.  Understanding how important natural
homemade products was to my family inspired us to look for a natural soap product when our skin over the years
became very sensitive and dry.  We started making it for our own family and it has grown since outside the family.  
Our soap has made a difference in our families skin and we would like to share that same benefit to you.     

Why purchase handmade natural soap?  

All soaps made by Prairie Barn are made by the Cold Process soap making method.  The natural by-product of
the soap making process is glycerin.  We retain this valuable ingredient in our soap to create a luxuriously
moisturizing soap for you to use on your skin.  Our handmade soaps (4.25 oz) are also made using over 45%
virgin olive oil.  In addition,  the majority of our soaps have coconut, palm oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and little
castor oil added to improve the lather, texture and hardness of the soap.  

Once you have tried Prairie Barn Natural Soap you will never go back to "Commercial made" soap again.

Who should use natural handmade soap?

Natural soap protects our skin and provides it with the best care, especially those suffering from dry skin, eczema,
psoriasis, aging skin and other skin problems.

The general health of skin is related directly to its moisture content - how much water it's able to retain.  Healthy
skin under normal conditions retains moisture; but heat, cold, pollution, ultraviolet rays, synthetic cosmetics and
an over-processed, less nutritious diet can push our skin past its limits. This soap is very beneficial for people
working outdoors in cool & hot weather and exposure to sun.   

The unscented and baby soaps are mild enough to use on a babies delicate skins.

What makes our soap so special?

Prairie Barn Soap starts with small batches using a variety of natural oils. Our soaps ingredients start with olive oil
which is a very good moisturizer and attracts & holds moisture to the skin, coconut oil which is moisturizing and
quick to lather (even in cold seawater) , palm oil produces a hard soap bar, and other oils and butters, natural
glycerin (which forms in the soap when it is made), essential and fragrance oils and other natural ingredients
chosen for their many benefits.    

Where can you buy our soap?

Prairie Barn Soaps is based in Bennington, NE.  
You can purchase our soaps from our Website (Prairiebarn.com), Local Craft Shows (see
calendar), or our store location Prairie Barn 15520 Warehouse Street Bennington, NE 68007.  
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